Keep the Internet of Things simple.
Build your own free Internet of Things dashboard in a few steps and visualize your data from:

Connect and view your data

If your devices (sensor, gateway) are connected to The Things Network, Sigfox, LORIOT or your own private LoraWAN network, iNebula Connect View allows you to immediately visualize your IoT data on a friendly dashboard. Connect View works in conjunction with iNebula Connect, the enterprise class M2M and IoT platform. If you have M2M devices you can benefit of a single platform managing all devices. Ask us how.

Your smart IOT dashboard

Easy to use.

Interactive dashboards and visualizations to keep your data under control.

Fast configuration.

Just 3 steps to select your devices and configure your dashboard.

Share it.

Every Panel has a unique URL that you can share via email, SMS, and social networks.

Customize it.

Select metrics you are interested in and choose from various type of graphs.

Create and customize your IoT dashboard. BEGIN! IT'S FREE


How your dashboard will look like.

How it Works

For TTN devices: just insert your sensors ID or/and Gateways ID. iNebula Connect (the underlining data and device management platform) will automatically setup the subscription to the TTN network infrastructure to receive your data.

For Sigfox devices: configure the Sigfox Backend to send data to iNebula Connect (look inside for details and samples) and insert your sensors ID.

iNebula Connect will receive raw data from The Things Network or Sigfox (contact us if you have any different source you need to integrate).

iNebula Connect decode raw data and split them according with the sensor’s specific coding rules.

Just send us your coding specification and we will implement it in our decoding engine.

Decoded data are stored into iNebula Connect Big Data repository.

Decoded data can be correlated with other data received by different sensors producing different or derived data (ask us how to implement complex event rules).

Finally decoded data is provided to Connect View to produce real time dashboard presentation.

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