Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How can i see data from a node connected to The Things Network?
A- You just need to insert the ID code of your node into iNebula ConnectView platform and it will automatically recognize your node (even if it is connected to Sigfox, Loriot or via MQTT). After that, follow the steps described on the help guide to build and customize your dashboard.

Q – How many nodes can i connect to iNebula ConnectView?
A – You can connect unlimited nodes to iNebula ConnectView, it’s free up to 5 nodes. For more than 5 nodes you can choose one of our enterprise plans: SILVER – GOLD – PLATINUM.

Q – How can iNebula ConnectView receive data from my sensor/node?
A – It is possible thanks to our business enterprise platform iNebula Connect (IOT Handler). It is a sophisticated sw component that interact in the proper way with the IoT data source (i.e. the LoRaWan network server or Sigfox back-end). This component take care to decrypt the message using a custom key provided by the customer. In addition decode the message in metrics applying a sensor specific decode algorithm. Sensor documentation must be provided by the customer in order to permit to design the decode algorithm.

Q – Can i associate to iNebula ConnectView a node not connected on the provided networks?
A – Yes, you can contact us on info@inebula.it and tell us to integrate a new data decode algorithms at the cost of 100 €.

Q – How many dashboard can i create on iNebula ConnectView?
A – You can create unlimited dashboard. You can customize each dashboard choosing you favorite display options provided by the platform.

Q - Can i use iNebula ConnectView for my business?
A – Yes, you can choose one of our enterprise plans SILVER – GOLD – PLATINUM depending on your needs.

Q – How can i ask for support?
A – You can send us an email to info@inebula.it