1. it is a sophisticated sw component that interact in the proper way with the IoT data source (i.e. the LoRaWan network server or Sigfox back-end). This component take care to decrypt the message using a custom key provided by the customer. In addition decode the message in metrics applying a sensor specific decode algorithm. Sensor documentation must be provided by the customer in order to permit to design the decode algorithm.

  2. is the iNebula Connect platform core component. All data received by the IoT handler is stored here for future usage form third part application.

  3. is a sophisticated SQL like parser able to manage information arriving in real time from the IoT handler and data already stored in the repository. When the events match a condition an action is immediately fired: send an email, SMS, tweet, and alert, push data on another web site via POST/GET or publish a data on the MQTT internal bus.

  4. a flexible set of programming  tool to allow skilled customer to build his own IoT application. COMET API provide real time push messaging.

  5. is the iNebula Connect’s dashboard. Based on Graphana graphic reporting tool, allows a customer to easy build his own dashboard simply declaring the sensor ID and source type. If iNebula Connect contains data for that sensor it will automatically define a Graphana Datasource and split the possible metrics for immediate usage.

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